Saint Petersburg
Master class "Samples turn into a holiday"
It's no secret that auditions are stressful for an actor. I must admit, they are no less a test for those who stand on the other side of the camera.

How to turn trials from torture into a successful meeting? We will find the answer to this and other no less burning questions.

The duration of the master class is 8 hours. Therefore, calculate your strength.

The first two hours will be devoted to questions and answers, and then there will be 6 hours of practice.

We will work with you on scenes that "didn't work out" or that raise questions for you.

I emphasize that my master class is not an “opportunity to get acquainted” with the casting director, it is an opportunity to formulate an exciting question and get an answer to it.
Elizaveta Shmakova, casting director
Valuable knowledge from the casting director
  • Elizaveta Shmakova
Master class schedule
1st of May
Sunday, May 1
11:55 - Gathering of guests
12:00 - Beginning of the master class (theory)
14:00 - Break
14:15 - Practice
20:15 - End of the master class

Ticket price
Only theory
  • Access only to the theoretical part of the master class (2 hours)
  • Possibility to buy a spectator ticket at a discount
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All at once
  • Full access to the master class; Elizaveta will work with you personally on the practical part of the master class
  • Limited number of seats
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